During the Middle Ages, society becomes feudal. Individuals emerge, eager for power. Alliances were formed between families to extend their control over the rich English lands. Taxes were used to finance war or to free captured lords. But money is of no use against the calamities that can befall the kingdom. Whether you are a sovereign, or aspire to be one…

Thought you knew everything about Fief? This new game of the FIEF collection reshuffles the deck and plunges you into a whole new adventure.

  • 120 minutes
  • From 14 years old
  • For 2 to 4 players

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Polish and Italian.

History & Description

The first game in the FIEF collection was published by International Team in 1981 (see here on BoardGameGeek).

In 40 years, nearly 30,000 copies have been sold. Now, with this new production, we offer you the chance to cross the Channel and become King or Queen of England.

In Fief – England, who shall rule the kingdom of England, YOU take control of the destiny of a family of lords in a revisited medieval era and make them the most powerful in the kingdom.

To win, you will have to make good use of:

  • your political strength (building alliances through marriage, giving titles to your lords and ladies, convening parliament to raise taxes),
  • your economic strength (through income from mills and abbeys, and taxes on towns),
  • your military strength, by raising troops (knights, sergeants, archers, crossbowmen) and by making good use of your siege engines (bombards and trebuchets).

Life would be a long, quiet stream if it were not for the calamities that can befall the kingdom:

  • bad weather that spoils the crops,
  • famine, which suppresses the income of mills and abbeys and leads to revolts,
  • the Black Death which decimates your troops and can take the lives of your lords,
  • Viking invasions, which destroy cities, castles, abbeys and other relics if not well defended.

All this is now yours to discover…

The Fief England campaign on Gamefound is here.

This video presenting the game is in french, use if needed the automatic translation of the subtitles from YouTube.

Fief - First edition - 1981
Fief, the first edition
Fief - England
Fief - England