2023. 100 years ago, the very first edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the greatest car race in the world, was held.

100 years ago Jean Graton was born, the creator of the greatest driver of all: Michel Vaillant, multiple winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

To celebrate this event with dignity, we propose a game in which you will be the one without whom victory would not be possible: the team manager

24 – Vaillante vs. Leader is a racing team management game. You will have to lead your team on the highest step of the podium by taking the right decisions, by asking your drivers to accelerate or, on the contrary, to take their foot off the accelerator, and to go back to give up their place to one of their teammates. You will have to take risks to stay ahead. That’s the price of victory. But be careful not to overdo it, because danger is never far away. You have to earn your name on the list of winners and any mistake will affect the final ranking.

24 – Vaillante vs. Leader uses a stop-go mechanic accessible to all, elements for a total immersion in the universe of Le Mans, all served by the illustrations of Jean Graton. What more could you ask for?

– Set your car
– Choose your drivers
– And let’s go!


For whom?

24 – Vaillante vs. Leader has been created to satisfy:

– gamers,
– fans of Michel Vaillant,
– lovers of car racing in general, and Le Mans in particular.

In 24 – Vaillante vs. Leader you will find with pleasure all the outstanding figures of the comic strip, fighting without mercy to win, but no need to know the world of Michel Vaillant to enjoy the game. Whoever you are: 24 is for you!

N.b. : this interesting video presenting the game is in french, but you can use the automatic translation of the subtitles from YouTube.

The designer, Arnauld Della Siega, has been a Michel Vaillant reader since he was 10 years old. He remembers respectfully sending a letter to Jean Graton to congratulate him on the release of the album “Le Maître du Monde”. He spent his entire school career drawing Formula 1 cars and helmets in Vaillante colors. For him, Vaillante is not just a license, it is the paragon of righteousness.

Languages: English, French

– 120 minutes
– For 2 to 4 players
– From 14+ years old

24 - Vaillante vs. Leader


The game box contains the following items:

  • 1 rule booklet
  • 1 game board
  • 1 clock
  • 4 Car cards
  • 4 Car counters
  • 12 helmets
  • 12 Driver counters +++
  • 12 Fatigue counters
  • 8 colored cubes
  • 6 Speed dice
  • 32 Event cards
  • 4 round Reliability markers
  • 4 round Performance markers
  • 4 square Abandonment markers
  • 1 Time marker
  • 4 Position markers
  • 1 Runway Condition marker
  • 18 Weather markers
  • 1 canvas bag


Michel Vaillant and the A.C.O. are a must for any game on the theme of the 24 hours of Le Mans, so intertwined is their history. The Michel Vaillant license of this game allows all the readers to identify with the adventures of our hero and to live them from the inside.

How to play

At the beginning of each lap, a dice will indicate whether the weather is likely to change in the next hour. Players must then decide whether to change tires or stay on the track.

Then, the player rolls a series of dice, checks if the result is greater than or equal to the previous result, and decides whether to continue moving or to stop.

If he gets a result lower than the result of the previous dice, his movement stops: he draws an Event card and applies its effects (mechanical breakdown, accident…).
At the end of his turn, he moves forward a number of squares equal to the number of dice he has rolled.

Thus, it may be tempting to roll a lot of dice to advance quickly, but the risk of serious consequences becomes increasingly high.

The abilities of the drivers and the cars allow to influence the result of the dice (by bringing bonuses or by allowing to re-roll them), but this has a cost (tiredness, wear).

1 round of the game = 1 hour of racing.

Main points

  • Taking into account the specificities of the race (driver change, weather, car reliability, safety car…)
  • “Stop or go” system
  • Great flexibility: the game adapts to your available time and to the number of players

In 24 – Vaillante vs. Leader we take into account:

  • The day / night sequence
  • The changing weather
  • The fatigue of the pilots
  • The talent of the drivers, on dry or wet track
  • The regulations in force
24 - Vaillante vs. Leader